4 Of The Biggest Travel Risks To Avoid

Travelling the world, seeing new places, opening yourself up to new people and experiences, brings with it an element of risk. But the incredible upsides mean it is a risk worth taking. We know travel is largely very safe and people are generally good but there are plenty of risks that simply aren’t worth taking as you travel around the world. Here are four that you should do your best to avoid – take our word for it.

1. Flaunting your wealth

Some of the most incredible places to travel are often countries where wealth is not plentiful. You should never forget that you are in a privileged position when you are in their country and that includes being very careful about becoming an easy target. Walking the streets with your new smartphone in hand, an expensive watch on your wrist and a wallet hanging out of your back pocket is not clever. It is, in fact, an invitation to those who target travellers. When you are in a new country, do your best to show humility and not stand out from the crowd. Dress modestly, act respectfully and you will be fine. If you are loud, obnoxious and flash your money around, you will be targeted by thieves.

2. Not Buying Travel Insurance

Every penny counts when you are travelling but you should never go without travel insurance just to save a few quid. It just isn’t worth it. If you fall unwell, or get injured while you are away, you will quickly realise why it was foolhardy to not have cover. 

Having your stuff stolen is alarming and stressful, especially if you’re abroad. Travel insurers urge you to act quickly and report any theft to the local authorities within 24 hours of the incident. They will also replace things quickly and allow you to get on with your trip. Don’t leave yourself in a position where you don’t have that kind of help. Good policies can be cheap and easy to complete online in less than 20 minutes.

3. Drinking too much or taking drugs

A stay in a foreign prison should not be high on anyone’s bucket list. But if you get a little carried away by drinking too much or taking drugs while you are travelling you can quickly find yourself in a situation you would really rather avoid. Of course, you should enjoy yourself while you are travelling and let your hair down. But always keep a measure of control and remember you are in a different country, with a different culture. Buying drugs is a huge risk. Think of the downsides and then move on.

4. Booking tight connections

It goes without saying that making your flights on time is a really important part of any trip. So, when you are planning your itinerary, don’t leave yourself close connections that you suspect you will struggle to make. Missing a flight can have catastrophic knock-on effects both financially and from a logistical standpoint. The flights might be cheaper, but they are cheaper for a reason. It is not a risk worth taking.




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