A Conversation With Celebrity Stylist Ty Hunter


This is going to be a good read for you guys that want to be a celebrity stylist or in the fashion industry. It’s so funny how the powers that be work! I’ve been following celebrity stylist Ty Hunter’s career for a while now and if you may not know who he is, he’s award-winning singer Beyonce’s personal stylist! 


I was staying at the Empire Hotel during fashion week when I first got a glance of Ty getting into a cab with a friend and I yelled out, “Hey Ty” and he waved back at me. He was headed off to some fabulous affair I’m sure but he was looking stylish as ever! I didn’t know that we would meet again! So the next day me and my photographer was getting ready to head out to shoot when he came off the elevator and I said, “Oh my here you are again looking fabulous, I have to get a photo with you, if you don’t mind.” He was the sweetest guy and said, “why sure, let’s do it”. I then asked him what was he up to for the day and he said nothing much but that he was just going to hang out for awhile. I told him I was headed over to the Vogue event and invited him to come as well. He was a bit hesitant and said, “I don’t know if they will let me in but I will try to come over.” I looked at him with a confused look on my face and said, “hey, you style Queen B, are you serious” and laughed!

Shortly afterwards, I was over at the Vogue event, to my surprise Ty did stop by and was greeted with open arms! Everyone swarmed him and started taking pics and asking questions plus people remembered that he styled Beyonce in that pretty white Michael Costello gown from the Grammys not too long ago. He was very flattered but I could tell he was a bit shy. He then sat down to have a painting drawn and that’s when I politely asked him if I could ask him a few questions about the fashion industry, how he got started and more!


What he told me was very valuable information and I will never forget it! He first said to me, you know what Tami, you are very memorable! I remembered you from getting in the cab at the hotel the other day, you just stood out to me. When I saw you in the lobby, I instantly knew who you were! You have a kind spirit and it was meant for us to meet again. I was blown away when he said that to me.

I then started the conversation about how he got started in the fashion industry. He told me he was a window dresser at a store in Houston, Texas. Ms. Tina Knowles(Beyonce’s mom) use to come in the store all the time and she told him, one day I’m going to hire you. He would always call her and let her know what new items came in and what was hott. She then called him one day and said, “what are you doing today?”. He said I’m off today, she said come with me, it was to the Grammy’s to dress Destiny’s Child and the rest is history! He told me he was a young dad and was working three jobs to take care of his daughter Treasure. She is now in college and he is such a proud dad! He said Tami funny story. I went to her graduation from high school and I was trying my best to dress down for the occasion, it was killing him, since he has such an avant garde look lol. He said he showed up in khakis, shirt and tie, he laughed so hard! Can you guys imagine your dad being a celebrity stylist for Beyonce, wow!

He went on to tell me that he has been styling all the girls from Destiny’s Child and Beyonce for 17 years now. He said it can be very challenging at times but he loves it! He stated that even though he styles Beyonce, it still can be hard to pull for her. I asked was there any drama when trying to style Beyonce and he said, sometimes he only has the day of an event to fit her right before she goes on, that can be a bit intense but he knows what she likes. Sometimes though, he has had racks of clothing for her to see and nothing fits right or she isn’t feeling the garments, but he said they always make it work.

I asked him how does he stay focused and deal with naysayers and he said, honestly I don’t really think about what everyone says, I just do me. He said that that the most misconception about Beyonce that people don’t know is, that she is really sweet. She is a southern girl and she is so much fun and down to earth. He said she has a warm spirt and very humble. I told him that I never have met her but would love to one day! Maybe my dream of meeting Beyonce will come true! He was such a delight to chat with and look out for his new jewelry line coming soon! I wish him the best of luck with all his endeavors and really appreciate him taking the time to speak with me! Till next time! xoxo




Images provided by Photography By Leandra


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