African American Expressions

Lisa,Greg Perkins(owner of African American Expressions)Me

The gift show was here in Atlanta over the weekend and I had a chance to stop down and check out my favorite sponsor African American gifts. You may have noticed his banner on the right side of my blog. The company also makes a skin care line that is doing very well. I love the mango lotion by

Lisa and Greg

Lisa Wu Hartwell wanted to check him out to so I set up a meeting. We had a great lunch and Mr. Greg Perkins showed her around his showroom located on the 6th floor of the Mart. Lisa was very impressed at what all he had. If you have ever been in a church library or at Walmart Im sure you have seen his calendars,journals,artifacts,bible totes, african american gift cards and more! He is one of the largest distributors of all african american gift items!

Greg,Lisa&Ed Hartwell

Lisa and I

I’m so glad I met him last year and we have become very good friends. He is one of my biggest fans and sponsors. If you have a gift shop or store or just want to support his business, check out his site at

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