American Girl Launches ‘WellieWishers’ Doll Line

WellieWishers Group-LR

Hey guys I have some adorable news! American Girl will be launching an all-new doll line called, WellieWishers! Today little girls everywhere will learn what it means to “stand in another person’s wellies” with American Girl’s new WellieWishers—a line of five fun-loving characters—Willa, Kendall, Ashlyn, Emerson, and Camille—who are out to make the world a kinder, friendlier place. As a lifelong and trusted partner to parents, American Girl created WellieWishers to help younger girls, ages 5-7, discover the social and emotional skills they need to become empathetic, compassionate, and thoughtfully motivated individuals. Timeless life lessons on sharing, cooperation, respecting feelings, and making things right are passed along to girls through each WellieWishers character, who navigates the ins and outs of friendship through play, songs, and imagination.



“While other stories we’ve done focus more on an individual character, WellieWishers show the relationship between the five friends,” she continues. “Each character brings their own unique attributes to their friendship, such as knowing the right word to say or being kind to animals, which in turn helps teach young girls lessons in empathy and compassion.”

The beautiful, whimsically illustrated early chapter books about the WellieWishers’ fun and fanciful outdoor adventures are written with humor and heart by American Girl author Valerie Tripp. A key advisor in shaping and creating the WellieWishers’ concept, Ms. Tripp loved using her 40+ years of writing experience for readers ages 2-10, as well as her academic background (BA in Child Psychology from Yale; master’s in Education from Harvard) and deep affection for this age group to bring the energetic, earnest, imaginative WellieWishers characters and their world to life. The stories will delight girls and their mothers as they celebrate the promise and potential of young readers and gently model the life skills that help build strength of character and confidence.

The WellieWishers’ adventures and lessons further unfold in American Girl’s first-ever animated series, airing in fall 2016. Each 11-minute episode follows the fun-filled exploits of the five smart and lively six-year-olds, who have limitless imaginations and the same big wish: to be a good friend. When the WellieWishers step into their colorful rain boots, they are ready for anything in their aunt’s whimsical backyard garden. Young viewers are entertained through stories, humor, and catchy songs as the WellieWishers work, dream, and play together—feeding birds, making mud pies, creating art, and putting on shows—all while imparting valuable lessons in friendship.

To further engage girls and bring the characters to life, American Girl is debuting a free WellieWishers app, where players can explore the interactive garden world through three mini games—Carrot Care, Mud Pie Maker, and Garden Harmony. Little girls will delight in the sweet, silly, and unexpected surprises that get unlocked the more they play. The free app is available through

Rounding out the play experience is a line of adorable 14½-inch dolls (retail $60) and garden-themed accessories, including a magical theater stage and a premium wooden playhouse with over 30 pieces. Young girls can even dress like their favorite character with a selection of dress-like-your-doll clothing, like enchanted garden PJs or a pair of peek-a-boo wellies.











WellieWishers doll line goes on sale June 23rd, available at American Girl 

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