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ATL Housewives party hardy!

August 2nd, 2009


Nene Leakes on the mic

I had a great time hanging out with some of the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. NeNe Leakes her hubby Greg and Sheree Whitfield, her daughter and lots of friends and fans all came out to party hardy! We had soo much fun at Pearls Bistro at Greenbriar Mall. I never really go out, but my friend Nikki flew in from Los Angeles and I wanted to show her a great time. So when NeNe tweeted yesterday that she wanted people to come out to party at Pearls Bistro, I jumped to it! So I texted NeNe on her cell to see what time she was going to arrive. 


Sheree Whitfield looking fab, like the hair!

When we pulled up the line was starting to form. Sheree and her entourage came up shortly afterwards and we all walked right in to the V.I.P. table. They popped bottles,ate food,drank and danced. Derek J was in the house too and I found out  that he is from Ohio too whoop! He styles Kim’s wigs now(thank goodness). I like him and he is a very talented hairdresser. So you know I had to go there and ask Sheree what was that Anthony guy seriously thinking lol. She replied,” yes that was really real girl”,I was mad and he took me there”! I said,” I can tell you were mad your veins were popping out the side of your neck”. That show was very intense I must say! I also joked around with Sheree because both of us know some of the same circle of friends from back home. Sheree is also from Cleveland like me. I said,when you said,” I was going to have to call Pookie n them” in the show,I almost fell out because I know the guy she was talking about, we both just laughed!

I also chatted it up with  NeNe about the show kinda starting off slow then with a bang at the end she said,” yes it was moving then slowed down, then bam” lol! She said,” but we did well in ratings we had about 4 million viewers”. They shut down all the other Bravo shows,Wow! You guys really brought the drama I must say! I didnt get home till 2am that is a record for me because Im an ol fart and usually in bed by 9pm. It was good to get out and Im sure my friend Nikki had a great time meeting the girls, she’s a huge fan of the show. Thanks for everything chicas we had a blast,till next time! Please watch this week thursday at 10pm on Bravo. I know I will be tuned in!




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