Atlanta Housewives Halloween Ball!


Yesterday was The Atlanta Housewives Halloween Ball and I swear, I saw some funny stuff. I’ve never laughed soo much in my life. The event was held at a really

far location at Gateway but I love Halloween, so I didnt mind driving. Once we got there, we started seeing all sorts of fun looking costumes! Goblins,Cartoon Characters,Disney Princesses,Super Heroes,Sexy Kittens,Playmates,Impersonators,Sexy Cops,Pirates, Sock hop girls,Pimps,Singers,Streetwalkers,Workout girls,Zombies…Whew and many more came out to just name a few.


I loved the creativity in the room and was amazed by all the pretty and some scarey outfits. Audio Junkee did an amazing job of keeping us crunk, while later zombie dancers took the stage to pay tribute to Michael Jackson by performing Thriller. The crowd really liked their performance,they were great! Big Screens were everywhere and people danced and mingled through out the night. Some cute girl dancers were on stage too getting their boogy on, I liked them.


The Atlanta Housewives, that threw this big affair finally arrived and they came dressed too cute! Lisa Wu Hartwell and her handsome hubby Ed, wore matching pirate outfits lol. Kandis Burrus was the next to roll in, saying she was a Rollergirl. I thought she was rainbow brite on wheels but she looked adorable with the afro and all to fun! She later went on stage and song several songs to her new album Blog, that will be coming out soon. She said to the crowd that you can buy her single on itunes.


Next to arrive was Kim Zolciak. She shut it down as usual with her Christian Louboutin rhinestoned heels…flatlined, I was in awh. I think she was Alice in Wonderland. I loved her new styled wig,she was too cute for words. Sheree Whitfield arrived last and she wore an Egyptian princess outfit. She fit that role, Queen of the Nile.


Your girl was dressed in my signature pink attire!  I wore a sock hop outfit with big poodle skirt. I loved this outfit and for once, my feet didn’t hurt on a red carpet lol. Usually I have to put on my flip flops, so I was happy to wear a pair of Keds for a nite of fun.


chatted it up as we watched Kim perform, Tardy for the party. The producer of the track Dito and Kandis was on stage to help her out. She did a great job but lip Synched the tune. I think alot of people were expecting her to sing it live,not sure but in the crowd, they were like awh, why isn’t she singing live?


Soon after  they started the costume contest. Mychael Knight was MC Hammer and dog on, he was great! Mycheal shut it down and I had no idea he could dance too! He told me he use to be on tour for different groups and he was a choreographer. I was very impressed from his moves.


Snoop Dogg and a female who was dressed  like an illegal substance came on stage with smoke machine and all. I was dying because that was a great outfit and the guy really looked like Snoop. Victor another choreographer,took over the whole stage, as he performed to Prince. He won the contest and took home $500 smackaroos,alright Victor!


My friend and Photographer Rob Ector costume was really good. He was Kanye West and his friend was Taylor Swift.I was crackin up and the girl had her trophy and all. There was so many fab costumes, I would be here forever  but just take a look at the pics and video. Thanks to Ask April Love and Melanie Mitchell for the media invite,I had a ball! Happy Halloween!










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