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Atlanta Housewives Season 4,Episode 2 Recap

November 14th, 2011

If you missed watching the reality show, Atlanta Housewives well, you know I was there front and center! I must say this second episode of season 4 was rather boring. It mainly was a recap of what happened last week. So I fell asleep and woke back up and had to watch the repeat to fill in the blanks!

Phaedra Parks is still thinking about going into the funeral home business but with a twist. She wants her own funeral parlor to be a bit more “boutiqueish”. Apollo is not having any parts of it, but I’m trying to figure out what he does anyway? Her mentor Pastor Willie reminded me of Danny Glover’s character Albert from the Color Purple. #chilebye

NeNe is still walking around letting everyone know that she is rich biatch and stated, “yes I did say I’m rich and I am” blank stare. After tax deductions you still a thousandaire boo boo! #sit

Kandi wasn’t doing much that I can remember, just tagging along with NeNe down to Miami and then to Kim’s surprise b-day party. She exposed her thunder thighs on the beach and while seeing that, it gave me LIFE and inspiration! #whomad

Kim had a surprise birthday party that Sweetie the slave and Kroy put together. The whole thing was staged ofcourse because Bravo had to mic the guests and set up for the shots and I’m sure re-takes was done. Maybe thats why Kim’s face didn’t look very surprised or the guests there. #movingon

Cynthia was being Glenda the Good Luck Witch and encouraging everyone as usual. Thats all I remember about her. #sipstea

Sheree spent time with her son and thats pretty much it! #yawn

This weeks show was a bit lack luster and as I said earlier it wasn’t anything going on that was good.I fell asleep from boredom. Over the weekend Kim became Mrs.Biermann and below is a picture of the dress she supposedly wore at their nuptials.I didn’t get the invite but thats ok it will all be on tv for the world to see on her spin off show! Tune in next week to see Peter & Apollo go at it and you may see your girl at Kim’s baby shower, lawd(click here to see pics)! I look the fool because I thought I was killing it with my outfit till I saw the pics! #NoMam

Check out my friend Funky Dineva video where he spoofs the housewives, hilarious! Lower your volume *adult languageĀ 


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