Back to School 2010

Neighborhood kids

Today was back to school for my kiddies and you just don’t know how excited I am! I am a firm believer in kids going off to school and getting out of my hair for a few hours. I cant imagine home schooling my kids. Its not that I have really disobedient kids, I just like to have a few hours to myself! You have to remember I live in Atlanta with no family here and my hubby is a long haul trucker, so mama be needing a break. Well today I got it and I’m about to go celebrate with some other moms like we do every year lol.

My son was up first at 6am! He never gets up that early! He was showered, dressed and even brushed his teefus without me having to yell at him lol. He looked so handsome and I grabbed my camera to head to the bus stop with him! He started fussing like, “no mom, your going to embarrass me!” I still went up to the bus stop and snapped a few pics. He was happy and then the bus never came! Are you serious?

Terrell wearing his Out of Print Clothing tee

The bus usually comes pretty early and I just cant believe after 35 minutes the bus driver still never came, yikes! One of the other neighbors who was sitting in her car, said that she would take the kids. So they went off to school. Later the bus driver came and it was 8am! A whole hour late!

Middle schoolers lol

The girls looking pretty!

She didn’t want to take this pic..smh!

Yes their off!

Bye Baby! See yah when I see yah! lol

My daughter was next to leave and she was too pretty in pink! Thats one of her fav colors too! She didn’t want me to help her with anything! Thats how these tweens are now a days! I asked her if I could take some pics of her and she had to think about it, is she for real? So we went up to the bus stop and we snapped a few pics too. She told me, mom I’m excited to go back omg! I cant believe my baby is in 8th grade! Time sure waits for noone. We are all happy and thats what its about! Happy Back to School and Happy Monday everyone!

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