Behind-The-Scenes: Revel By Julian Lark Summer Photoshoot



Whats up my lovelies! So I had a fun photoshoot with Julian Lark(Editor-In-Chief of Kontrol Mag) yesterday morning for his new line of makeup called, Revel By Julian Lark. We had so much fun on set and I picked out a few of my favorite shades from the collection to wear during my shoot! 

photo 5

My daughter Dootie always wanted to tag along with me on a photoshoot to see what really happens. She really and truly wants to be a hairstylist, so I asked my buddy Julian if she could style my hair for the shoot and he said sure! She was so happy but got a lil taste of reality on how fast everything moves. After the shoot, she said it was fun and that she learned a lot. The team on set also gave her corrective criticism but they said she didn’t do bad at all for it to be her very first time. I do believe that you have to take our youth under our wings because it is so bad out here and they could be so misguided, so if this is what my child wants to do, I will try my best to help her.

So here are a few behind-the-scene shots we took goofing off on set! We always have so much fun and the crew kept the energy upbeat! We danced, laughed and partied the whole time! If you haven’t heard about Julian’s makeup line Revel, you have to check it out! Great shades for summer and you can see below what I wore in my shoot! xoxo


Wearing Beg For It Revel Lipstick applied by Makeup Artist Shantell Simms


Wearing Devotion Revel by Julian Lark nude lipstick

photo 4

Revel by Julian Lark, In my phootshoot I wore…

Devotion nude lipstick

Spend The Night hot pink matte lipstick

Beg For It red lipstick


Wearing Curvy Kate Hot Pink Swimsuit Wearing Spend The Night lipstick


In Spanx Black Swimsuit, thighs and all out! Yikes!


Celebrity Photographer Nathan Pearcy, so cute and fun to shoot with!

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