Big Boi’s Halloween benefit!


Big Boi as Dick Furry lol

Last night I was invited to go check out Big Boi’s Halloween benefit for his Big Kidz Foundation. I have heard alot about Stankonia Studios but have never got a chance to visit until last night.I really enjoyed how they decorated the studio and how organized everything was. I was chatting with one of the staff members and he introduced me to this punch he was making called,Hunch Punch. I had never heard of it but it looked really tasty. I guess because I dont drink maybe that’s why I was ignorant to it lol. I figured out quickly it was a spiked fruit punch with fruit, that you eat afterwards. That was some good stuff!


Trying the Hunch Punch lol

I loved all the costumes that I saw like the Ghost of Tupac, Jimmy Neutron,Lady Cops,Zombies,Michael Jackson,Hippies and Dorothy. I really loved BigBoi’s outfit which he told me was hott as heck because it was made of wool, too funny! You may have seen the character he was dressed like in some of his music videos lol. As I sat down to talk about his foundation, I found out he was from the west side of Savannah,Ga. I told him I had just took a Girls Road Trip there, this past summer.


Ghost of Tupac

Antwan Big Boi Patton started his 501-3c, 6 years ago. He said he likes to be quiet when he does things for his foundation. No need to have everything publicized all the time, he said. He has 3 more charity events coming u before the end of the year  but all of them is to gear up the kids for todays world. He said he started the foundation because when he was young, he grew up in low income housing and his YMCA had old equipment, or it was dirty. He wanted something different for the youth of today. He said his facility teaches kids computer skills and life lessons. Most of his workshops, and classes are held at Stankonia studios,which is very spacious! He says they will have a Bowling Tournament, visit a woman’s shelter for Thanksgiving and they will spend a day at a group home on Christmas. That’s so wonderful!


Why is there a swing in here? Wow!

I love to see young men give back like Big Boi,Chris Tucker,Neyo and Ludacris and many more. We all can do something to reach a child because so many have no role models these days. Big Boi spoke about reaching kids that have problems in school. They like to focus on them more than the good students. They take groups of 100 at a time and find the kids throughout Atlanta and Savannah but he plans on going national with the Organization soon. I’m glad I got a chance to talk with Big Boi, usually it’s just a quick sound bite on the red carpet. This was so fun to chill out with him in his own environment, I can tell he was very relaxed.


Interviewing Big Boi!

My costume was Dancing with the Stars! My friend, Brian Red Steward(Redz Hot Productions) escorted me to the party and we took a lot of pics, shouts out to Red! Thanks for being a great sport! My dress was designed by Gloria Zarate Gloria’s Alterations.

I would also like to thank Jennifer Lester for the personal invite,I had a blast. The munchies and drinks and costumes were great! Check out some of the pics from the party below, Happy Halloween! Shout out to Sister 2 Sister catering and Chef Keith Kash the bites were spookerific!






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