Birthday Brunch with Ahsh!

Happy Birthday Ahsh!

My dear friend Ashlanda Murphy had a birthday brunch over the weekend. I’ve featured her on my blog a few times but she owns I met her a few years ago and I just thought that she has the cutest business when she told me about it. Well her company has grown so much over the years and we have stayed in touch!

She invited me out to her birthday brunch at Pappadeux’s which is located in Alpharetta,Ga. They have several locations but thats the one we met at. She was happy to see her family and friends come out to share in her special day.I gave her a Lolita birthday candle. We then headed right over to the buffet table lol. Enjoy the pics and shout out to Ahsh for being such a sweetie pie and great women in business! Cheers!

Her Family & Friends

The Pappadeux’s Buffet, yeah!

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