Bloggers Katherine & Flannery Good Launch ‘Candy Cocktails’ Book!


Katherine and Flannery Good

Congrats goes out to my blogger buddies Katherine and Flannery Good. They’ve launched a new cocktail book called, Candy Cocktails and I’m so proud of them. They use to have a fun blog called, Fashionably Bombed where they would mix fashion with yummy cocktails that I would feature on my site but now they both have launched their own separate blogs that are just as cute! Check out their new cocktail book inside!

Now these two sisters Katherine(Bombay Blonde) & Flannery(Fashion Tweaker) have a fun book with delicious candy cocktails that you all should try! One looks really tasty inside the book called, Bubble Gum Mojito! You can support them buy purchasing it here. I can’t wait to receive my copy and congrats to the ladies! xoxo




Bubble Gum Mojito

Makes 1

3 ounces Bubble Gum-Infused Vodka
1 ounce freshly squeezed lime juice
1 ounce simple syrup
10 mint leaves
A dash of grenadine (for color)
Club soda

Combine lime juice, simple syrup, and mint leaves in a highball glass and muddle ingredients together. Then add Bubble Gum-Infused Vodka and stir. Add crushed ice and top off with club soda and a dash of grenadine.

Bubble Gum-Infused Vodka

Makes 1 cup

10 pieces of Double Bubble Bubble Gum
1 cup vodka

Roughly chop gum and place into a jar with a lid. Add vodka and cover. Let sit for at least 24 hours. Shake before using.



all images provided by Katherine & Flannery Good

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