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Bloggers Talk About Reality Stars They Most Act Like And Why!

November 2nd, 2012

I love interacting with my fellow blogger buddies. In today’s pop-culture everyone seems to be infatuated with reality tv stars, so I thought to ask some of the bloggers I know a fun question. The question was; Name one reality star you think that you act like and why? I got a great response and here are their answers and mine below. Check out their sites to find out more about them and their blogs!

Yakini of Reality Tv Fashion says;

“I’ll go with Malaysia though. She presents as very sweet, ladylike, soft-spoken, and down-to-earth. I’m all of those things.While she does have a “bourgie” side (and so do I)…. if you come for her enough times, she will “react.”  For the most part, however, she avoids conflict and drama…. and I am this exact way as well! Very sweet and non-confrontational, but when backed into a corner I can handle mine. We also both tend to take on the role of “peace-maker” within our circle of friends/relationships, because we hate to see discord among folks who we know are good people inside.I’ve met Malaysia on several occasions at press events, and she is lovely. She is 110% supportive of my blog and helps me out whenever she can. We definitely mesh well because our personalities naturally just click”.

Jill of Glamamom says; “Bethenny Frankel…working hard for a good life and trying to keep a sense of humor about it”.
Kia of Cinco Mom says: “I believe when it comes to Reality Stars, I think and act VERY MUCH like Niecy Nash on the TLC Reality Show, “Leave it to Niecy.” She is a down-to-earth, don’t-take-no-stuff kind of mom who is very loving but stern when it comes to her children. And it’s all about her kids and that’s very much me. Every ounce of my life revolves around my life with my children. You can’t say that’s true with many moms. A lot of them still party hard and leave raising their kids up to someone else”. 

Eboni of Fashionista Next Door says; “Lauren Conrad.  She’s smart and ambitious, but a little naive and way too trusting. She’s stumbled a lot, but never lets those setbacks get in the way of her goals.  She learns from her mistakes and keeps pushing forward”.


Shane of I Am Fashion Weak says; “I would have to say Towanda Braxton. She is considered the responsible one, working out is a priority, she’s confident in what she wears. She likes to have fun, but doesn’t feel the need to be the center of attention and she doesn’t appear to be judgmental. Minus being ok with an open marriage and having kids, I would have to say I relate to her the most”.



Muah says; I love Nene’s tell it like it is personality! I like the fact that she speaks her mind and not afraid to let you know when you’ve done something to bother her. Kudos to her! I also love her sense of style, she picks great fashion pieces and keeps it classy but sexy!


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