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Blogging Tips: Do You Have A Media Kit?

May 31st, 2012

Hey guys I’m back with more blogging tips! I wanted to share something with you that is VERY important! Do you have a media kit? If you are not quite sure what that is, it’s really like a bio/resume about who you are, what you do and what you have accomplished condensed down to a “one sheeter” for pr & marketing companies to view. Make sure you use accurate and updated information.With Google, anyone can tell if you are telling the truth or not,so be careful. Everything nowadays is documented. It makes life so much easier though,trust me!

When you click my “about me” page, it’s the same info. When I email potential sponsors,this is what I attach in my introductory email. When I want to work with a pr or mktg company or brand, this is what I send out. 95% of the time I get a yes back! That can work both ways too. A lot of brands email me asking for more information and this is what I send to them too. Be it, items for goody bags, products etc. a media kit is key to any blogger. If you’re not quite sure what to include in your media kit, it needs to have the following:

About You,Family,Education

Awards,Achievements,Volunteer services

Companies,Collaborations,Partnerships,Brands you have worked with 

Big events,galas,parties you have hosted,been invited to or covered

Other media you have been in or apart of…Ex: Tv Appearances,Magazine Interviews,Blogs etc…

Having a media kit will make life more simpler for you! You will start to get a lot more yes’s because brands will take you more serious! I have worked with over 3,000 brands and more keep coming in because of my site,content,frequent updates and my good ol media kit! Here is a copy of what mine looks like! Until next time! xoxo






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