Blogging Tips: Why ‘Lifestyle Blogging’ Is The Way To Go!


Hi my bookies, its about that time to share with you a few more Blogging Tips! This time around I want to write about why I chose to be a Lifestyle Blogger and also why it’s the way to go! 

Blogging has really taken off in the last couple of years and now its over 50 million blogs today, thats a lot huh? Where do I rank? Currently(from looking today) I rank in the 40,000 range. Last week it was 24,000 but the numbers fluctuate daily because of the content you put out etc. With it being over 50 million blogs out there, I will gladly take that ranking with a smile! You want to be ranked under 100,000 for sure to be able to work with corporate brands/clients etc.

Anyway, I want to tell you guys why I chose to do a lifestyle blog. The first thing that I talk about at my blogger luncheons and on panels is deciding on what you want to blog about. This can be a bit confusing for newbies starting out. I’ve always said, have a catchy name, and make sure you’re NOT limiting yourself to one subject. Let’s say that you are adamant about doing a food blog. That’s fine I think but what if you want to one day talk about fashion, beauty etc? How can you incorporate food into that? Do you get my point? I have a friend who has a cupcake blog. She’s been blogging for about four months and now she is sick and tired of writing about cupcakes lol. So my point to you guys is, never name or make your blog about one topic, you will get bored to death. Studies have shown, that most bloggers fall off within 3 months yikes! It looks easy but its not, trust me I know! I’ve been at this for 6 years now and you want to know how I have withstand the test of time? Because I have a “Lifestyle Blog” that keeps me motivated and happy! I never get bored because there is always something new to learn and blog about.

I started a lifestyle blog on purpose because I love so many things. My favorite topics that I am knowledgeable of are fashion, movies, beauty, celebrity, interviews, food and travel. So I combined all of these topics and made it what it is today! I also named my blog Talking With Tami because that way I can chat about any and everything. Tada, now do you see why. There is ENDLESS amounts of topics that I can blog about and with lifestyle, its definitely the way to go folks! I get pitched by car brands, fashion pr companies, just about everyone because it all fits!

I encourage you guys to do some research and then decide if this is the route you want to take. I do highly discourage you from doing gossip blogs though because you will crash and burn over time. You NEVER see gossip bloggers invited out to much either! All they do is search the internet for stories, sit at their computer and put people down. At the end of the day, they don’t really get to go out much because they have pissed off so many people and it creates tension between celebrities and bloggers. Most people dont want to interview with them either and they have a bad reputation. Most of the time the pr firms will take sides with the celebrity over the blogger anyway and not invite them out. Thats no fun. Some gossip bloggers don’t mind that but I’m not that type of person that just likes to sit at home and talk about people. I like going to nice events etc and share with you guys lol. Just imagine you being a gossip blogger and out at an event and running into someone you blogged about badly. Yeah, I’ve seen it happen way too many times let me give you an example!

Talk show diva Wendy Williams use to be on the radio and she was doing a special on Vh1. She came to Atlanta and did the very first BET Hip Hop Awards. I was stationed right next to her and she tried over and over again to interview celebrities and they looked her up and down and rolled their eyes, some cursed at her and kept walking. She hardly got any interviews that day. I eventually had to move because they wouldn’t talk to her and so I was missing out on opportunities because of it. Also, I saw a local huge blogger get cursed out right on the red carpet. That person left embarrassed as hell! Some bloggers have no idea that the celebrity reads that stuff and you just might run into them. Karma is real!

Trust me also the pr firms sends the media/guest list to the talent and if the talent doesn’t want them there, guess what? Plus who wants all that inner stress anyway! Who can sit and talk about people all day long week after week? I know their site traffic is terrific because of all the gossip but it has to take a toll on them and their spirit. I do time to time give you the “tea” but it’s never malicious or meant to hurt anyone or their family. I know a lot of gossip bloggers who’s sites have been shut down or dealing with lawsuits right now and thats not cool. So if you can, refrain from those type of blogs but that is just my opinion.

So when you are building your brand and your blog, take some of my blogging tips into consideration and really think about what you want to share with the world. It can be extremely rewarding and you may inspire someone else out there. You NEVER know who is reading and who lives you may touch! Till next time! xoxo


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