My 10 year old son came home from school last week and begged me to reach out to Author Jeff Smith. He said, “Mom I really love Bone it’s a cool book series and everyone reads it!”. I was making dinner and told him I would check into it.

Jeff and family

I smiled a lil bit because I know over the years my son has struggled in reading and it was refreshing to hear him say he was interested in a book. He usually gets embarrassed at his reading level and makes excuses for not wanting to read. I love to read and I’m back logged on all the material that has been sent to me.

So as promised, I reached out to Jeff Smith’s people and they sent over one of their books. My son jumped up and down when the packaged came. We have been reading together different adventures that these characters have been going on. Thanks Jeff and staff for the book and you guys should check out his cool site and all he has!

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