Buick Encore GX End Of Summer Mini Road Trip To LaGrange, Ga

Hello lovelies! Last week, I had the pleasure of doing a quick lil “End of Summer” road trip with the first-ever 2020 Buick Encore GX! This SUV is a total beauty isn’t she? I found it to be one of the best cars for road trip and especially if you are traveling with precious cargo which was my grandson Legend. It’s pretty spacious and had enough room for our luggage and other items we brought along with us. I loved the luxurious interior. Wanted to also add that It’s very fuel-efficient among all non-plug-in luxury cars and has Apple CarPlay to keep you on track.

My trip to Great Wolf Lodge was really a quick one(which I love because of the baby) only fifty five minutes away in LaGrange, Ga. Traveling from Atlanta, Ga this was a snap to get to! After plugging in all our devices and hitting the road, after a few conversations, we were there.

The hotel was extremely nice, room was comfy and the staff was amazing! Lots to do at this humongous indoor water park resort and I recommend it for a quick mini getaway with the entire family. It’s in a prime location and lots to do. We thoroughly enjoyed the car, all that it was equipped with and for further information visit Buick where you can find out more! This particular model starts at $34,000. Check out a few snaps from my trip inside….



Images shot by Jen, Buick

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