Bullying will get you no where!

I got a phone call today from my son’s principal. At first I thought it was the school nurse because I think they have me on speed dial but nope it really was the principal this time. My son has been attending his school for 5 years. To get a call from her was a lil strange so I listened. She said, “hi Mrs.Reed we have Terrell in the office and something happened on the school bus this morning”.

I sat up and asked was he ok? She said, “yes he is ok but the other lil boy has been hurt”. What happened was that someone called my son fat on the school bus and kept saying it and ┬ámy son popped him in the face and he got a bloody nose(the lil boy was a bully). I started to laugh under my breathe and then I kept my composure and asked was he ok.

I am not for violence in no way,shape or form but sometimes hmm, I think sometimes that bullies need to be taught a lesson! I was bullied by these girls when I was in grad school for no reason. Just because they hated the fact that I was quiet and had long hair. They would tell me they were going to cut my hair off and would throw snowballs at me daily. I never did anything about it and would cry. I would like to see those same girls now, from my understanding they aren’t doing to well. God don’t like ugly!

My daughter was also bullied for a couple of years before I found out. It was my neighbor’s daughter and my daughter said she never told me anything because me and the parents were friends.I was so shocked because around me the lil girl was nice but my daughter said she would turn into the devil when I wasn’t there. One day my daughter was on the school bus and the girl kept bothering her till my daughter had, had enough. She got in her face and talked back to her. The lil girl was shocked my daughter finally stood up to her. First off my daughter is way bigger than her,I’m surprised she was scarred of her, she was just taller than her. After Tyra gave her a piece of her mind, the lil girl never bothered her again. Plus I changed her school bus and all classes she had with her. I tried to talk to the parents but they didn’t do anything about it and the mom attitude was just as piss poor as her daughters. I guess you can tell we aren’t friends anymore either lol.

My son got on the phone today and was sobbing and felt bad that the lil boy was hurt. He was more upset that he felt like he disappointed me and his dad. I told him I loved him and that I would talk to him when he got home. The principal didn’t suspend him because she said he was a good kid and had never had any behavioral problems but that she would just place him in an “Opportunity” environment for today.

I want this to be a lesson to all the bullies! Stop going around hurting,teasing, or picking on other kids, it’s not nice and you just might run up on the wrong kid, that could really hurt you back!

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