In Case You Missed It: Jay Ellis On Jimmy Kimmel Live

Hottie from the hit HBO show Insecure, Jay Ellis made an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live the other day! He looked pretty handsome in his plaid suit and navy suede shoes, oh my! I have never met him in person not sure why but they came to Atlanta a few months ago but I was tied up doing something else but sent my photographer, who got the pictures for me. I heard it was a great turn out. He talked about his new season on the show, and a funny story about how he sent out an innocent tweet to come out and watch the show with him at his hotel in New York City. He also said that he would buy drinks for everyone(the bill was over $2,000 and the hotel wouldn’t even give him a discount…ta!), little did he know that over 400 people would come out but they had fun lol, check out the video clip inside…

Images via ABC Randy Holmes

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