In Case You Missed It: Nene Leakes Stops By Watch What Happens Live


Ooh chile, you knew it was coming! I watched Andy Cohen’s show Watch What Happens Live in it’s entirety and I was sitting there with my mouth hanging open. I like NeNe Leakes don’t get me wrong but I saw another side to her last night and was a lil disappointed in her and the way she shaded her friend Cynthia Bailey. 


I know them all very well and I’m still left a lil bewildered as to what happen to them. I loved their relationship but to see NeNe  shade her friend of many years and to say that she should be let go because Cynthia is a bit boring and their story line just repeats itself was a bit too much for me. I felt bad for Cynthia because she is genuinely a very nice person and so is NeNe but now a lot of people I know and fans are sending her lots of ugly comments and tweets about how she has changed so much. We will have to see how this all pans out with the reunion show and it looks REALLY juicy!

It’s been all sorts of rumors saying Porsha slapped the fiya out of Kenya and vice versa, then I heard that they didn’t fight at all but from looking at the footage, Porsha did knock the fool out of Kenya and she ended up on the floor! See thats why I won’t do a reality show and I’ve been asked a few times! My pressure would be up and I would be sent home for good lol! When I saw Kenya point her magical scepter in Porsha’s face, that would have been the last straw for me as well, somebody would have been hurt! Watch and chime in! Chile Bye, the first part of the 3 part reunion show will air Sunday, April 20th on Bravo at 8pm est. xoxo

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NeNe shades Cynthia

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