Voortman Bakery Delicious Cookies

I love when I get anything in the mail that has anything to do with snacking! Today, I received a box load of Voortman Bakery cookies! I think I counted to 10 in my head before my kids sniffed them out and came a running to see what was in the box! My son grabbed […]

Alino Pizzeria Opens At Mall Of Georgia

I sometimes head to Mall of Georgia just to sit outside by the water park and read or to do some last minute shopping for my kids. I saw a new restaurant being built a few months ago. The building is complete and It’s open for business now, it’s called, Alino Pizzeria located right outside […]

Ludacris Surprise Mom With Home Makeover

A new video from “My Houzz” was released yesterday, showing rapper Chris Ludacris Bridges surprising his mom with a home makeover! I will never forget that time my family was featured on a show called, Deserving Design with Vern Yip on HGTV. The home makeover show was really fun to do and we really enjoyed […]

It Strollers For Fashionable Moms

I was browsing some of my favorite fashion bloggers sites when I noticed a trend. A lot of fashion bloggers that have become moms have some really fancy strollers. When I had my kids many years ago, they didn’t really have very cute strollers (or I wasn’t aware of them). I think I was using […]

Chef Jason Ellis Opens Smoke 631 BBQ Restaurant

Chef Jason Ellis grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. One day his dad bought his mom a wok from all his travels, so his palette was exposed from a lot of different foods as a kid. That’s how he got interested in cooking. His parents moved to Columbia, South Carolina and he knew that his […]

Simply Done Donuts In Duluth, Ga

Who doesn’t love donuts right? I recently stopped into Simply Done Donuts for their grand opening which is located right up the road from me in downtown Duluth, Ga. As soon as I walked in, it was PACKED! I guess everyone had the same idea and wanted to try these scrumptious mini donuts! They make […]

Gift Idea: Spartina 449 Assorted Blank Cards

I had a girls night out a few weeks ago and inside the goody bags were these beautiful note cards. I don’t know about you but I collect pretty stationery and don’t ask me why. If I am at Home Goods or any store and I see them, I have to buy them. I still […]

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