Cats recap

Last thursday night I had a chance to check out the Broadway play Cats. I’ve seen the commercials for it several times and I couldn’t wait to check it out. Lisa Wu Hartwell called me and wanted to see it too, so we met each other down there. I also gave away two tickets  and the winner was Arlynn. Her and her girlfriend met Pia and I down there too.

They had one of the performers in the lobby taking pictures with people and she was funny. We all went inside and the play started. The Cats performers came out in the audience and sang their opening number. I did notice a huge bag that fell from up top on to the stage, never in the play did they ever acknowledge that either, I think it was an accident. During the play I noticed early on that it was one of those plays where they have no dialogue just all singing. I was getting restless fast lol.

Arlynn and the Cat lady lol

I didn’t understand what was going on in the play and all the different cats were running around and singing and dancing. There was a male cat that all the women liked, I figured that out and then an older lady cat that the other cats didn’t want around, I think? It was the younger hipper cats against the older cats I reckon.It was going over my head so fast I couldn’t keep up lol. During intermission, people were chatting and saying that they didnt understand it and started to leave. We tried really hard to watch it but I just don’t have the brain power and attention span for that kinda art lol. One lady tried to explain to me and Pia what the play was about but I kept looking at her face painted like a Cat and blank starring her.

Ed and Lisa Hartwell

At Sambucas

It was definitely not for me but I know that the play does very well and it was sold out. It was just not my taste at all. Afterwards we went out to eat and we had a great time at Sambucas. I guess I will have to try to google it one day and read up on what was going on. Thanks to Broadway Across America for the tickets.

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