Cavalia hits Atlantic Station!


Atlanta you are in for a treat! Atlantic Station is the temporary home to Cavalia! Those white tops that you are seeing off 85 is where they are housing some beautiful horses and performers! I never heard of this show but I love me some Cirque Du Soleil! Normand LaTourelle is the founder and artistic director of Cavalia and I was able to take a sneak peek to what you guys will see from Oct 27-Nov 15 at Atlantic Station.


When the show started I was in Awh. The lighting, mood, props, music and the performers were all amazing! It was like I was in a story book. What was so pretty was the way it went from fall to winter. We were seating in the stands and fall leaves started to fall, then snow later on in the show,it was beautiful. The horses moved around so freely and they were absolutely gorgeous! Normand was quoted as saying,”we wanted Cavalia” to match the dreams, aspirations and emotions evorked by this spectacular show” and he did just that!


I asked Normand why he chose to tour here in Atlanta and he told me, that all the Cirque Du Soleil shows were very well received here and he wanted to come back with something fresh and new. In the conference Normand said horses have been around for 5,000 years and we really needed them alot back in the day,we relied on them. Horses were used to gain freedom. So he wanted to tribute what they had done. He came up with the name by playing with words, because Cavalia means dreams. He said, he wanted to bring this magical show here in 2006 but Atlantic Station wasn’t ready at that time. Now he has brought this fabulous show for all of us to see,Im too thrilled.


Founder of Cavalia Normand LaTourelle

I also got a chance to chat with Jesse Cooper a local guy, who I found out grew up in Lawrenceville,Ga! I said hey,thats where I live and we laughed. He said he has been with the Cavalia for 3 years.He is a horse trainer and performer. He said he has trained horses for over 20 years. He was amazing in the show. His horse name is Hades a spanish breed. You can see Jesse doing acrobats and vaultings with Hades,so look for him.


Jesse Cooper performer

I also spoke to a hottie from south France. Matthew was his name and he didnt speak english to well but told me he enjoyed working with the show and that he has been riding horses for 6 years. He is 23 years old. He said he loves Atlanta and the weather is nice. His horse name is Eagle.


Matthew and Eagle

Then I spoke to the fabulous Sylvia. She was so pretty and her appearance in the show made her look very mysterious and sexy. She had a great repor with the animals and she never used a whip. She told me it’s all, body movement and voice command! She shut it down on stage and all of her horses were gorgeous.


Ms. Sylvia and Ruth

I loved chatting with some of the perfomers. I know you guys that the tickets are pricey, but you have to come out to support this,it worth every penny! Its a great place to take the kids or your significant other and I highly recommend it! I want to give a special thanks to Cavalia and 360media for the media invite, everything was fab!





For tickets visit: Cavalia

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