Celebrating 18 Years Of Marriage!

Hey guys, I hope you have an amazing week! On May 29th Terrell and I celebrated our 18th Wedding Anniversary! We have been together for 20 years and I can not believe how time has flown by! I remember how much we struggled as a newlywed couple, trying to buy our first house, losing our first house after 911, him starting his own trucking business, me completing college after dropping out after 4 years, then returning to finish my Bachelors with two small kids at home.

We then moved to Atlanta in 2005. Once we got settled in, I started having an interest in the entertainment field. He has been extremely supportive in all my dreams and aspirations. He has pushed me to continue on my journey. I will forever be grateful for him. He has such a kind spirit, funny, great cook, handy and so much more! Thanks Mr.Reed for all the memories past and present and for our wonderful teens. You are such a great father and provider, I love you to pieces! I pray God keeps continuing to bless us and our union. More pics inside….

Location: Our Neighborhood

Hair & Makeup: Dootie

Dress: Show Me Your MuMu Rochester Maxi Dress

Shoes: J.Crew Gladiator Sandals(old)

Terrell wearing: Polo shirt, J.Crew Jeans

Photographer: Genae Banks Photography


Shot by Genae Banks Photography

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