Chante Moore Talks Singing Career, Filming R&B Divas And More!



We all know and love the beautiful Chante Moore! She recently sat down with friends to the site BE Magazine to chat about her singing career, filming the reality show R&B Divas and more! Come inside to see what she had to say! 


Que: What has it BEen like this far filming for R&B Divas: LA?

Chante: It’s BEen good, it’s over for now . We’ve filmed the entire season and we’re just watching it with you all. It was an amazing season, having the opportunity to share life’s stories with 6 amazing and talented women.

Que: How did you get the opportunity to BE apart of an amazing show?

Chante: They called my manager stating they were interested in me ; she and I went in for a meeting. They started talking about doing the show and how they wanted to capture the musical journey of me as well as the other ladies in the cast. That really interested me BEcause rather than somebody following me around and talking about my kids (that’s really not exciting to me); I got to share my story.  I liked the emphasis on music, which sounded great to me. I guess at this point in my life, I felt as though it was the perfect time.

Que:  Who were some of you biggest influences coming up and who are some of the people you look up to now?

Chante: Well, my mother was a singer, I grew up listening to her sing; my sister, who is also a vocalist, and actually wrote a song for my new album called “Jesus I Want You”. So it was amazing growing up listening to them and my father, he’s a musician; I grew up listening to gospel music so: Tremaine Hawkins, Andre Crouch and all the Hawkins family. That’s what I grew up listening too, just people who BElieve in what they’re singing; which is why I’m stuck on if you’re singing it, you BEtter BElieve in it, BEcause if not people are going to think that you do.

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