Cooking it up with Chef Marcus Samuelsson

Yesterday evening we were off to see a cooking demo at Macy’s at North Point Mall. Chef Marcus Samuelsson was the cook who prepared some good cuisines. You may remember him from winning Top Chef on the reality show on Bravo.

He told the audience that he was from Sweden/Ethiopia. He has traveled the world with his different recipes and combining all sorts of ethnic food together. Pia and I sat in the 2nd row back and we could smell all the different aromas.

I took a lot of good notes on how to prepare fishes and seafoods. Marcus said in his country they ate a lot of fish. He began to cook salmon and asked who didn’t cook fish that much. I raised my hand and he invited me on stage!

He also invited another lady up as well. He then prepared the fish but to me it didn’t look cooked enough and he assured me that it was done. I still wasn’t buying it and hate to eat raw foods or anything that looks weird lol.

Salmon and Corn Pancakes

Marcus said, “Tami it’s seared”, I said, “I saw you do that but it still looks mooshy” lol. The crowd was laughing at me as I hopped up and down because I was so scared to try it lol.

Crab Cakes with Corn

Fried Chicken with Collard Greens

He put it back in the pan and then gave it to me to try. It was good but I was terrified. Then he wanted us to try fish skin. I just smiled but was thinking, what did I get myself into. Once it was ready to eat he put a lil sauce on it and it was bon appetite lol. It wasn’t too bad and reminded me of pork rinds lol.

James Andrews and I

Black Tie Barbecue owners, Spencer and Allison

He prepared several meals like Fried chicken and collard greens, Crab Cakes with Corn and Pistachio Aioli, and Corn Pancakes with Chili-Covered Gavlax. All his dishes were very tasty especially his version of fried chicken,sooo good!

Our Macy’s goody bags items,cute

Chef Marcus and I

Chef Marcus converse kicks lol

Right now he is touring and has a restaurant in NYC where he also lives. He has a new book out too called, “New American Table“. He has such a great personality and I hope his career goes very well. Enjoy the pics and Happy Friday! Shout out to Macy’s for the invite!

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