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Good morning my lovelies! I hope your Sunday is going fantastic! It’s pretty hot here already and its not even 11:00am yet, yikes! I do love the sunny and hot weather here in Atlanta though, nothing like it! I wanted to share with you my current obsession. It’s these Christian Louboutin So Kate pumps that I have been trying to buy forever and a day! I’ve been trying to get these shoes for a VERY long time(5 months exactly)!

I first spotted them on local celebrity Marlo Hampton, then saw them on lots of fashion blogs and even on the Christian Louboutin site but they were ALWAYS sold out! This is not my first pair of Louboutins either, I have a nude pair but NOTHING compares to these! It’s the design and shape of them and the sexy heel that is to die for. I wanted either the leather or suede So Kate pump in black. I think its sophisticated and stylish shoe that you can dress up or down. Women all over the world love these! I’ve never been into the more trendy shoes Louboutin creates, they’re not really my style. I like more of a classic heel, that I can pull out and wear with anything and they still look timeless. Recently on fashion blogs they were talking about the Daffodil heel going out of style and now women are stuck with those, see no thanks!

I had been added to many waiting lists from all the upscale department stores and I still could not get ahold of these shoes! I tried everything I could possibly do, except sleeping over night in a tent in front of a store waiting for their arrival, like most people do with sneakers lol. What makes it worse is that I wear the deadly size most women wear, the dreaded 8.5! In European size, that’s a size 9. Thats the first to go because it’s a very common size.

I remember asking to try them on and they would never have my size lol. I would always wonder how they would fit and feel on my foot. I heard many horror stories about how uncomfortable they are and so on but when I finally got a chance to try them, they fit my foot just fine and I’ve been prancing around the house in them and they feel quite comfortable. I do have somewhat of a narrow foot too, maybe that helps.


So yesterday afternoon, I finally got my Loubis that I’ve been dreaming of and got them from Saks Fifth Avenue at Phipps Plaza! They had just got their new shipment in and I flew down there to pick them up! Many friends on social media was happy for me but was wondering how I got so lucky! I don’t know but I’m so glad I was finally able to get my dream shoe! This was my late birthday present to myself because I never really buy myself anything. I’m so happy now. Till next time! xoxo


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