Deciding To Go Weave Free!


I guess I can say that I’ve been wearing a partial weave for a full year now but yesterday I had, had enough! I have worn full weaves, extensions, wiglets, pieces and yesterday I just woke up and looked in the mirror, scratching my scalp from all the itchiness and said, “Tami girl, take this mess out!” 



That’s when I asked my daughter Dootie to take my braids out, wash and condition it and flat iron my “own” hair. I just got tired. I love me some weave don’t get me wrong but I just wanted to feel free. I think I started wearing weaves because over the years my hair has become very thin, well at least to me lol. When I was younger, I had REALLY long and pretty hair and I was known for that. Now its kinda lifeless and thin, I hate how it looks.

I also grew a bald spot on the left side of my head that is somewhat noticeable, so I was feeling a bit self conscious about it. I still haven’t figured out if it was a condition of alopecia or something else but it’s there. When my hubby came home for Thanksgiving, I wanted to look really nice for him and made sure every place of hair was perfect because he has a thing for it. When we first met, my hair was way down my back and really healthy, I was trying to uphold that image but chile….it’s a lot of work and money to keep all that mess up!

After Dootie did my hair, I looked in the mirror and my own hair didn’t look so bad after all! Plus I haven’t had a relaxer in about 9 years now. Last week, my hairstylist Mahoghany had already deep conditioned my hair and trimmed my ends and gave me layers, so I thought it looked just fine and my husband liked it! Thank goodness but one thing for sure, I feel more like me now and not stressed about what others think! I feel very liberated and it’s still bouncy and healthy looking, yay! My hair use to grow very quickly but it’s coming along nicely. Now I’m going to give it a break for awhile adding nothing to it(unless I have a really huge red carpet or photoshoot lol) and go “weave free”! Do you guys like my new look? I love it! Till next time!  xoxo

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