Dootie Gets Braids!


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My daughter Dootie kept showing me instagram pictures of how she wanted her hair for the summer. Most were really cute. I don’t know if you were aware but she wants to be a hairstylist. She does all of her friends hair and constantly experimenting in her room with color and hairdos. 

She has been saving up her money from work and said she wanted to get braids since it was so hot here. Plus it would save her about 30 minutes in the morning trying to do her hair for work. She came home with these “Poetic Justice” braids the other day. I thought they were extremely long but that’s my daughter, she likes the dramatic effect lol. Then I had to think about it, I have NEVER had my hair braided! She said this style took over 8 hrs! There is no way in heck, I could sit still that long! I don’t have that type of time on my hands but I commend her for having that type of patience lol. I do like the style and how she has been rocking them lately but have you guys out there ever worn braids? Chime in and Happy Tuesday! xoxo


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