Are You Familiar With The New Free App Called, Snapchat?


Hey guys, I wanted to share with you a fun free new app. If you are not familiar with it, it’s called Snapchat!  If you are not sure as to how it works, you download it on your phone and then after that you can share funny pictures and videos with your family and friends. I love all the fun and goofy filters too that they update all the time that you can share with your followers on other social media networks as well. All you have to do is save your videos and then upload them to Facebook, Instagram etc it’s so easy.

I follow a lot of beauty and fashion brands plus my favorite celebrities. When you are stuck in an airport or just bored to death, this app saves the day, trust me lol. If you follow me @talkingwithtami you will see me in rare form too! There I share my behind-the-scenes footage of my events, at home life with my family & friends, food, deliveries to my house, fashion & beauty products and ofcourse all my rants lol. Warning you now, I do have potty mouth from time to time lol! Check out these cute videos I did with my girlfriend Lisa Wu since its Coachella weekend, cute!

?Good Morning from #Snapchat ✌?️

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?My boo @1lisawu and I doing #Coachella in Atlanta lol ✌?️

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