Family day with kiddies!

Peanut Butters eeeww!

Sunday my kids begged and begged me to do something with them for family day. I said, ok what do you want to do? They decided they wanted to go rollerskating lol. I was laughing so hard because I remember when I use to live for rollerskating in the 80’s. We have a long history of rollerskaters in my family. My mom,aunts and uncles all rollerskate.


We use to do the all nighters and hang out at Dunkin Donuts afterwards. It was fun times! Skating has changed alot since then. I also remember we would not be caught dead in “peanut butters”. Peanut butters were the brown rental skates that nobody wanted to be caught dead in! Most of the rental skates back then went one way and you went another, plus you were looked at as a huge nerd.

Tyra and Ariana(Bff”s)

The two Divas thick n thin lol

Never knew Ariana couldn’t skate lol

Nothing like a guy rolling up to you with peanut butter skates on! He could be the most handsome guy in the skating rink but if he had on those skates, no way was he getting the time of day lol. My kids now wear rollerblades lol. Those are hideous looking too but way better than the peanut butters lol.

Terrell in his rollerblades

Terrell always snackin smh!

So I got up and took my kids skating plus my daughters bff. As we were driving I thought about the girl that worked at this particular skating rink that had a pink beetle bug. I was so jealous of her when I first started taking my kids to this rink. As soon as we got there I didn’t see her car. The manager said she got married and found a “real job”.

Tyra trying to dance skate,epic fail lol

SkateCountry skaters woot!

Me on laptop free wifi woot!

Thats crazy and I wonder if she stills drives around in that car? Am I a stalker lol? Enjoy the pics of my family outing and I think I’m going to find me some new rollerskates. I wonder if I can find some pink ones,hmm?

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