Family Vacay at Nick Hotels!


The Reeds at Nick Hotel!

It’s getting chilly outside and plus the holidays are fast approaching. I asked my family what they wanted to do for the holiday season while they’re on school break and just like I figured they wanted to visit the Nick Hotels again lol. My family has been to Nick Hotel 3 years in a row and they absolutely love it! I have water babies so they love being in the pool and having a great time in the sun. I would recommend any family to check them out because its full of things to do and your kids will forever love you after the experience lol.


My kids and friend with The Fairy Godparents lol

Nick Hotel has pool side activities like water games, trivia,food and more where you don’t have to go anywhere, everything is right at your finger tips. They have a mini mall,hair salon,gift shop,food court and  theatre inside, that is adjacent to the pool area. The suites are built around the pool area and very easy to maneuver  around the area,even you have someone in a wheelchair. What I thought was really fun, was that they have a toddler pool area too, so that your younger kids aren’t too overwhelmed with all the older kids.


My son having a blast!

Whats also fantastic is the green ooey gooey slime that comes down about every 30 minutes! The kids go wild omg! All the kids stand their and scream till the big barrel is filled and tips over on all the kids! My kids especially remember that and always tells their buddies about that darn slime lol. The food is reasonably priced and the rooms are very nice. They are colorful with themes,like teh spongebob room or the jimmy neutron room. The suite that we had, had a mini kitchenette, living room area with a flat screen tv, let out double bed couch, then two more rooms. The kids room has bunk beds, equipped with playstation and  cable tv and a little 2 seater table set. In the adult room there is a flat screen tv and plenty of room to stretch out.


At night, parents can escape for a while by going to the bar area for some adult conversation or just hang out and mingle. There is plenty of night life around Orlando,Fl too,if you want to cruise the area. At night they also have shows where there is alot of family participants that play these cooky games,its so fun to watch each families compete. The things they do are hilarious and the bonding that you share with your kids are priceless! I do recommend you check out the website and if you would like to view my lil video of me interviewing the hotel director please click on this link:


Families playing games

, If I had to say one negative thing about Nick Hotels, it would be that they need to open more locations. That way people don’t have to travel to Florida to experience the hotel lol. If there is other kid tested mother approved hotels,I haven’t heard of them and thats as cool as Nick Hotel lol. I’ve checked out some hotel sites to find out,that there isn’t  too many kid friendly hotels out there..Other than that, everything was Pinktastic and The Reed family gives it two thumbs up!

This is a dedicated TravelingMom post.Opinions that are written are of my own, I like to keep it Pinky lol.

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