Fashion Reworked: Chic & Curvy Off The Shoulder BodyCon Dress

chic and curvy

Remember this dress that I wore last year for the On The Run tour with Jay Z and Beyonce? Well, I kinda forgot about this dress until I had to meet a friend about some business and she was telling me that she had an engagement to attend and could NOT find a dress to wear. See like most women that are curvy like myself, it is extremely hard to find complimenting dresses for our physiques. I know people get tired of seeing me in fitted dresses but to be honest, thats the only thing that fits my shape properly and look nice on me. They are NOT for everyone but if it fits me and my style, I will rock them. Once you find the proper undergarments, makeup, accessories your on your way. My friend Ronnika who is a publicist here in Atlanta, could not find a cute white dress. Thats when I thought about the dresses I just had hanging my closet that were white and I offered to help.

chic and curvy

chic and curvy

Ronnika are I are kinda built alike and I knew that I had something she could wear. I do not mind helping out a friend in need from time to time and God knows that I have plenty of things in my closet lol. I sent her a few pictures of dresses and I think the outcome came out good! You have to be comfortable and confident to pull off any look you decide on wearing but if you exude a great sense of style and a positive personality, that will show more than anything else! Glad it worked out for you Ronnika, you look great and good luck on your speaking engagement today! She is wearing an off the shoulder Chic and Curvy bodycon dress that is still available on the site plus they are also having a sale where you can get 15% off your purchase, use code MOMSDAY15. xoxo




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One thought on “Fashion Reworked: Chic & Curvy Off The Shoulder BodyCon Dress

  1. Thank you again for the dress and the write up! Your spirit is so sweet and genuine!! I can’t wait to meet up again and have girl talk.

    The dress was perfect for today. The material really worked well with my body frame. I LOVE IT!! Thanks again and talk to you soon. ❤️

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