Fashion Tips: Finding A Good Tailor And More!


I’ve been living in Atlanta for awhile now and finding a good seamstress/tailor is essential, especially for me! I was watching NeNe’s show I Dream of NeNe when all the bridesmaids were getting their alterations with their dresses and it made me think…

I’m always out & about covering many events and wearing clothing that sometimes is sent to me but sometimes don’t quite fit. I’m the first to say that I hate online shopping because I have a very odd shape and most items when shipped, do not fit at all. I’m one of those girls that has to try things on! Even with good measurements that I pay close attention to, when ordering things, they still come in either too big or too small. What do I do? I head to my local seamstress Mang who is located right down the street from me near Mall of Ga. She’s has been doing my alterations for awhile now. She tailors my dresses, skirts and pants and more. Sometimes I’m gifted with items to write or feature on my site but I have to do a lot of work before I take the actual photos to post and it can be costly.


Things that I wear and pack when I head to Mang for tailoring is: high heels, shaper and a good bra. This way she can get an idea of how I will actually look in the garment with my shoes, bra and shaper underneath. She then measures and pins where it needs to be tucked and shortened. I have several dresses that came in a few days ago and I couldn’t wear any of them because I was literally tripping in the gown or swimming in the dress because they were either too long or too roomy. Same with my sleeves, they are always too long. I can wear a solid size 12 but when I wear certain brands like Igigi (for an example) their clothing is always super big on me, it fits me in the hip area though but the top portion has to always be taken in. I wear a size 36GG bra now and even though I’m busty, their clothing is always too big at the top. Chic and Curvy(another great brand)clothing comes in too long or very roomy in the waist and top area. I spend about $30 each piece for tailoring.

Great tips on finding a good tailor: A) I would suggest that you always find someone you trust B) Take dresses and skirts in a week before you know you have a big event. Mang is now working on a blue sparkly dress that I will be taking to Disney! I can’t wait to share with you what it looks like after she is done! Till next time! xoxo


This dress came in with a huge keyhole and too big in the waist. Mang sewed up the keyhole a bit and took in my waistline. Clothes look so much better when they fit “your” body type. Yes!



Always bring a pair of heels for measurements for hems.


After Mang took in the back and closed up the keyhole a bit for me.


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