First Look: Kandi & Todd’s Wedding Spin-Off Show


In case you were not invited to reality star Kandi Burruss’s wedding (like myself) then you may want to take a peek inside to see what it was like planning the wedding, all the drama and more! Bravo just released the trailer and is all sorts of juicy! Mama Joyce is back where she goes at it with Todd’s poor mom, Todd and Kandi bicker over the pre-nup and even Apollo (who has his own issues) and drama makes a cameo, where he gives Todd relationship advice. Check it all out inside! 



Do you guys plan on tuning in? I wonder how their show will do in ratings since NeNe’s was a big hit? I might tune in. I’m just getting sick of reality shows, I’d rather read a fashion book lol. The show premieres on June 1st at 8pm. I did laugh when I saw the stripper at Kandi’s bachelorette party, too funny! xoxo

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