First Look: Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

love & hip hop atl

Chile this reunion show with Love & Hip Hop Atlanta is going to be off the chain! You guys know this is my guilty pleasure show and come inside to find out all the details and the sneak peek clip that was just released! 


You know first I have to address everyones attire at the reunion show and secondly the body language! Remember I told you guys last week that Scrappy and Erica were extremely late to the taping in NYC. Well, from looking at the picture above, you can see that they are definitely M.I.A. from the group shot. But later you see them in the footage. They say that Scrappy & Erica’s daughter got injured and that’s why they were late to set but who really knows! Anyway does anyone care that it’s rumored that Steve J and Joseline got married? I didn’t think so, so let’s keep it moving shall we!

Secondly, let’s look at how the body language is from this picture. Joseline and Steve J are totally on the opposite side of the room while Mimi and Benzino are at the end, I’m done! I don’t like anyone’s outfit but Mimis’ she looks fabulous! I have to text her to find out what she was wearing. So they say Joseline threw a shoe at Mimi’s head during the taping after they got into a tift about Mimi’s new boobies! Joseline said she is trying to look like her, lawd! Joseline has a lot of nerve and she will never have any good luck as long as she keeps up her diva ways, po baby. Has any major labels signed her yet because she keeps saying that she is an artist and making videos but I don’t know anyone that has picked the ‘Puerto Rican Princess’ up yet…dead!


Mimi also tweeted a picture of her foot with the ring that Stevie J gave her! She also said she is going to pawn it for her daughter’s school tuition, I’m done and on the ground! Gotta luv Mimi!

From Vh1:

“I’m going to pawn it and put it down for my daughter’s tuition for school. That’s exactly what I’m going to do. This ring can kiss my ass and so can he. He bought us the same f—ing ring!” Mimi told us when we brought up the subject of her “engagement” ring from Stevie. We joked that if she gets rid of her ring, she’ll jeopardize her standing in Stevie’s Life Partner Gang, and, despite all her laughter while the situation played out, she got feisty, asking “Who is a life partner? In his psychotic mind we’re life partners. Oh, and? He went to Jared. She went to Cartier, he went to Jared. It’s a joke.” So much of a joke that when we asked to take a photo of the ring and it accidentally fell out of the box, she snatched it up and put it on her toe to show us just what she thinks of it.

Check out the clip below and sorry my site was down earlier today, it’s been quite crazy with my host! Smh! VH1’s “Love & Hip Hop Atl” two-part reunion will air Monday, August 5 & August 12 at 8PM ET/PT. Till next time! xoxo

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