Five Reasons To Visit The Georgia Aquarium

Hey guys yesterday afternoon I had an amazing experience visiting the Georgia Aquarium! I haven’t been to this place in quite a few years, so it was great to head back to check out all the new attractions and more! I brought along my friend Gee Gee who had never been and she also enjoyed it just as much! The last time I think I actually toured the aquarium I had my cable access tv show in 2005. My family spent the night, they were so young back then lol. They definitely remembered the experience and had a blast. Check out “five things you should do” while at the aquarium and if you decide to visit, tell em I sent yah! They have so many things that are new and that your whole family will enjoy! I enjoyed seeing all the fishies and more. It’s very instagrammable as well! xoxo

My Friend Gee Gee!

Virtual Reality Simulator: 

Be “transported” back in time and glimpse amazing marine life of the distant past with our state-of-the-art motion-based virtual reality ride using the latest visual display technology! Swim along with a massive Archelon sea turtle, marvel at a graceful long-necked Styxosaurus, and come face-to-face with a powerful Ginsu Shark! The prehistoric ocean is teeming with many strange and wonderful creatures! With our electronic VR goggles, you will be immersed in the action as you look in any direction during the adventure. The VR Transporter makes you feel as though you are there!

Ocean Voyager

Immerse yourself in one of the largest indoor aquatic habitats in the world! Ocean Voyager Built by The Home Depot is truly a one of a kind experience. The only aquarium in North America to house whale sharks this habitat provides an up-close look into the mystery of the open ocean. Enormous manta rays, thousands of fish, and our resident green sea turtle also help to create the unique environment of our one world ocean. Come and satisfy the curiosity of the ocean explorer in you!

Want to actually immerse yourself and see what it is like under the waves? Participate in our Dive Immersion Program to swim and dive alongside these gentle giants!


Turtles, alligators and snakes are examples of reptiles. Members of the class Reptilia are covered in either scales or hard scutes. They are cold-blooded and, thus, depend on their environment and own activity levels to regulate their body temperatures. This allows the animal to live off much less energy and food than a comparably-sized warm-blooded animal.

Under The Boardwalk

SunTrust Pier 225’s live presentation, Under the Boardwalk, features the incredible California sea lions of Georgia Aquarium. These highly social pinnipeds and their dedicated trainers will show you how they work together in a live training session – and why this is such an important part of animal care here at Georgia Aquarium.

Under the Boardwalk is included in Aquarium general admission and lasts approximately 20-25 minutes. Seating is first come first served, based on available seating. Guests are advised to arrive at the theater at least 30-45 minutes prior to the showtime.

Showtimes for Under the Boardwalk vary daily. Please view the calendar on our Hours page to verify.

Tropical Diver 

Strap on your imaginary SCUBA gear, and prepare to dive into one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world! Our Tropical Diver gallery is a look into the incredibly biodiverse coral reefs of the Indo-Pacific. Often called the “rainforests of the ocean” coral reefs provide a stunning visual experience that is sure to engage and inspire people of all ages. Tropical Diver highlights species such as garden eels, varieties of jellies and the delicate corals that make these reefs the awe inspiring ecosystems they are.

Georgia Aquarium

225 Baker Street NW

Atlanta, GA 30313


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