Five Things Boogy Bear Liked About The Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE

I recently had the 2020 RAV4 Hybrid XSE and when it arrived, I drove over to pick up my grandson Legend, so that he could check it out! He always helps his grandma review vehicles and if he likes it, he lets me know right away. I pulled up and he ran to the car and just smiled from ear to ear because he knew that I was there to pick him up and take him on a ride. Once I got him in his car seat we headed to our favorite park!

Driving down the road, I watched him from the rearview mirror where he just starred up at the sunroof looking at the sky, so cute! He enjoyed listening to the tunes on the satellite radio as we cruised down the freeway! Once at the park, I let him explore the car and he loved beeping the horn, one of his favorite new things to do lol.

Five Things Baby Legend Liked:

  • Legend told me he loved how shiny it was and the color! The color is called, Blueprint and most little boys love the color blue lol.
  • Legend liked the sunroof, glanced at it everytime he could. It’s a panoramic glass roof.
  • He enjoyed the cool music playing! The RAV4 has an Audio Multimedia system with 8-in touch-screen. The audible entertainment has Sirius XM that comes with 3 month all access trial.
  • It was roomy for him and his carseat. The seats have a sportier design and built for comfort.
  • He told me he looked cool pulling up to the park to meet his friends. The RAV4 has a wider wheelbase, with flared fenders and sharp creases that add a tough exterior.

For more info visit Toyota and this car shown is $35,780 


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