Five Things I Learned About Anthony Anderson’s New Sitcom ‘black-ish’

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During the Essence Festival in New Orleans I had a chance to check out an advance screening of a new tv sitcom coming to ABC called, blackish. It stars Anthony Anderson and Tracee Ellis Ross. It’s about a guy name Andre ‘Dre’ Johnson who has a great job, beautiful wife, four kids and his live-in dad. They’re a suburban family but has success brought too much assimilation for his black family? I had a chance to sit in on a round table discussion with c0-creator and actor Anthony Anderson to find out more about the show, check out what I learned inside! 

We all gathered in the press room where questions were swirled at Anthony. He took all our questions in stride and assured us that blackish is going to be a great show! The show will premiere on ABC on Wednesday at 9:30pm this Fall right after Modern Family. Here are a five things that I learned…


Anthony and a long-time friend created and wrote the show because Anthony’s son came home from school one day and said he wanted to have a Bar Mitzvah like his friend. That’s when he got to thinking that this would be a great tv show!

Hundreds of actresses auditioned for the show but the leading role to play Anthony’s wife went to actress Tracee Ellis Ross.

This show reminds me of The Bernie Mac Show but fresher with lots of great story lines and giggles. Shot with one camera and no laugh track.

Anthony thought the title of the show was perfect from the beginning and it never was meant to be a ghetto or negative connotation at all. Some people criticized the show before even seeing it because of the title. He said that those type of critics were not going to give it a try anyway.

I really enjoyed the film and its very nice to see a professional family on tv portrayed in a good way. Laurence Fishburne(who plays Anthony’s dad) is very funny in the show as well.


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