Flavored Water Recipes

flavored water

Looking for a refreshing and healthy drink? Well how about trying some flavored water recipes that would be a great alternative to sodas. If you are having an outdoor party, picnic and any other gathering these all natural recipes would be great to try! All you need is water and fruit with a bit of herbs. I have two recipes inside, Blackberry & Sage and Strawberry & Basil from the blog Evermine. Both recipes look so good, more inside…

flavored water


The combination of strawberry and basil might seem a little strange at first, but the sweetness of the strawberries pairs really well with the aromatic herb, and is definitely a favorite amongst those of us in the Evermine office who sampled all the different flavored water varieties. Just slice the strawberries, and rub the leaves with your fingers before placing them in your pitcher. Top with ice and water, and let the flavors mingle for 5-10 minutes before serving.

flavored water


Last, but certainly not least, is blackberry and sage. This pairing is another Evermine taste-tester favorite, and has the added benefit of tinting the water blackberry purple. The flavor of the sage comes through most of all, but it’s subtle and surprisingly refreshing. Just add to the bottom of your water pitcher and cover with ice and water.

flavored water

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Images via Evermine

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