TWT RANT: What Really Happens On The Red Carpet


I’m writing this rant because somebody pissed me off last night while I was covering the Ride Along advance screening in Atlanta last night, so if you ever wanted to know what really happens on my end of doing red carpets you may want to come on inside to read this! 

I think that I’ve been covering red carpets in and out of town for about 9 years now. I will never forget my first carpet. If you didn’t have all the fancy equipment and big cameras you were shoved to the back of the line and frowned upon because you didn’t have your game tight. Add to the drama, being a black female and all hell, it was war! Over the years I’ve been pushed and pulled, talked about and dogged out but I kept on going. I started to get recognition/respect on the carpet after time went on but it was no walk in the park! You see, you have to pay your dues and it’s a dog eat world out here! If you are very sensitive, not outspoken, these sharks will eat you up! But see, I have my Grandma NuNu to thank because my granny was a no-nonsense type of woman and I inherited that trait from her!

This world of media is still till this day a male dominated business and most of these guys are not nice! I’m going to say that in Atlanta it’s not so bad but go out west and they will chop your damn head off! They’re more outspoken than here in the south and will quickly try to put you in your place if you let them! I’ve learned over the years who to stand next to, who to avoid etc! You guys didn’t know that there is always arguments in the press pit, people fighting for the best picture/pose and so on! I’ve seen shove matches and cussing outs that would make you cover your child’s ears! It’s not a joke! I use to think to myself, darn its just a picture, why are they arguing? Its because most really great photographers are males and what do men have? EGO’s!!!! That right kiddos! Its all about who has the biggest camera and bought images! Now that bloggers have become the norm and photographers consider us “pest” because we are now taking our own pictures and don’t need their images anymore, shit just got real! Now that pr companies allow us on the carpet, they really feel a certain kinda way and sometimes they get irritated when we show up. I don’t feel as though I’m in competition with the real photographers because I just want nice pics for my blog. I can’t afford to hire a real photographer for all the events I cover, I would be bankrupt! So I invested in myself and bought my own damn camera to save money! So that is a war within itself but then we have so many other issues as well.

TWT RANT: So last night I did arrive about 10 minutes late to the screening because I could not find parking. There was no names on the ground for my outlet and all the good spaces were taken. First thing you do as a media outlet (that I think everyone should know that does red carpets) if you’re late, you automatically head to the back or second row of the line! I was late, so no big deal, I headed to the second row. Later, this young kid came out of nowhere when Ice Cube, Kevin Hart and Will Packer hit the carpet. He had no disregard for me or respect and started pushing me out the way to shoot pics with an iPhone!! Are you kidding me? He had pushed me too many times when Pink Suga woke up! I yelled out, “you got one more @#$%*&^ time to push me and I’m going to bash your head in with my camera, real talk!”  The people on the carpet got extremely quiet and uncomfortable and if you guys could have seen their faces, it was priceless! Those that know me, know how I am and I do not play that but whoever the guy was, he was completely embarrassed and walked away!

Yes it was mean but you don’t go around pushing people that you don’t know and I’m older than him and a woman! Where was his manners or to at least say, excuse me mam, can I get a quick picture with my phone? I would have happily moved for him but to blatantly push me out the way and disrespect me, it was not going down! As a female working in media, some people don’t respect you already, so I have to make them do it! After years of doing this, I demand it. I don’t care who you are, you can shoot for the President of the United States, we are all here to do a job and so I just ask that we all have some type of decency when we are out at these events. I tell people all the time, you want to be in media huh? They have no clue in what it really entails and that’s why I share so much with you guys because all you see is the pretty pictures but no clue in how we really got them! Till next time! xoxo


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