Fresh Faced With Dermalogica

People have always told me that I have a very youthful appearance. Little do they know, my birthday is vastly approaching and I will be 49 years old, yes you read that correctly! Most people think that i’m in my late 30’s and I will take that compliment. To be honest you guys, I don’t have any magic potion or advice to share. I try to live a very stress free life, I get my sleep, I don’t drink alcohol or smoke, I drink water and I use moisturizer and that’s pretty much it!

I can not leave out too that it’s mainly genetics because my mom still looks pretty young for age. I read somewhere that 10% of African Americans have a gene that makes them appear 10 years younger, I guess I was blessed with that lol. I was recently sent some beauty products to try from Dermologica and I really like them. Have you ever heard of the brand? I’ve seen their items in many stores but didn’t quite understand what it was but now I had the pleasure of trying them out for myself. Check out more inside…

This is the superfoliant that gets all the gook and grime off your face. I like the texture, smell and the way it  left my face feeling, smooth and clean. The eye lift cream helps with the bags under your eyes, great tool to have for early morning meetings or photo shoots for me.

Daily Superfoliant smooth away skin-aging poll

Stress Positive Eye Lift de-puffing eye treatment and masque

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2 thoughts on “Fresh Faced With Dermalogica

  1. You do look great!

    I have seen that brand but I too have never tried it. Hmm I definitely need to revisit my face care plan.

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