Get The Look: Flower Crown

flower crown

My mom has always been very creative person. I would sit and watch her for hours create these fabulous things for our home and she would also sit on the phone talking to her girlfriends and doodle. She would draw me these very pretty lady figures and hand them to me. I should have kept them but with us moving around a lot, I don’t have much of anything left from my childhood. I would have definitely framed them, they were so beautiful. One thing that I did inherit from my mom is being pretty crafty. If you remember, I had a nail salon for many years. I was one of the best¬†nail artists in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio and I won numerous amounts of awards for my nail art. I always loved art and drawing just like my mom.

When I went on to have my own kids, we would sit and paint, draw and create different art projects together. Teachers loved me and would often whisper, did your kids actually do this art project or did you lol? I was the BEST “room mom” with my creative treats for the kiddies during holiday season. Anyway, for my event I had last weekend, I created this huge flower crown. I absolutely LOVE flowers, they make me so happy and I wore this one. It was very easy to create and I have a great flower crown tutorial inside for you. Happy Saturday everyone!¬†


Products Needed:


Flower Wire

Flower Tape



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