Get The Look: M∙A∙C Red, Red, Red Collection

mac red red red

My daughter Dootie is a senior in high school and she takes cosmetology classes there. She decided early on that she wanted to be a hairstylist and makeup artist. I have TONS of friends in the beauty industry and I myself, work with some of the top makeup artists and blog for a few beauty brands that you guys see daily. I thought it would be fun to have Dootie tag along with me to see how makeup artists create looks and use different techniques so she can learn.

She really was excited, so we headed over to my makeup artist Alex house where she used some of my makeup samples from the latest M.A.C Red, Red, Red Winter Collection. I also wanted to show you guys how two different skin tones look with the same colors. My daughter has very fair skin, while I’m a few shades darker. Dootie likes a more dramatic look with her eyebrows and lashes, while I like to keep it kinda subtle lol. Alex’s girlfriend Ciara just so happen to be in town that is also a makeup artist from Nashville, Tennessee, she wanted to do Dootie’s face.

Both ladies did a great job! So here is the result, tada! Normally Dootie does not walk around with this much makeup on but we were going for a total look for the blog! We went out to eat afterwards but it was such a fabulous mommy & daughter time well spent together. Who doesn’t love getting all the way glammed up too! Don’t forget, if you are here in Atlanta, Alex is located at Nordstrom Mall of Ga at the M.A.C counter, if you need a pretty look for a special occasion! Till next time! xoxo

mac red red red collection

Don’t you love these dramatic eyes wow!


Makeup Artist Ciara doing Dootie’s Face. Follow her at @ciara.ayako


mac red red red collection

MAC Products Used: 

MAC’s Red Red Red Collection Strike While Haute Eyeshadow

MAC’s Red Red Red Casual Colour

MAC’s 5 Alarm Lipstick

MAC’s Love Alert Dazzelglass

MAC’s Red Red Red Nail Polish

mac red red red collection

mac red red red collection

mac red red red collection

mac red red red collection

Dootie’s Complete Look

mac red red red collection

I’m ready to party!


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