Get The Look: Smooth N Shine Curly Line!

I attended a beauty event about a week ago with Smooth n Shine. It’s a hair care product mainly for African Americans and I like their products. I rarely do my own hair at home but yesterday I had a few hours to wash and condition my natural hair and I remembered in my goody bag I had a few of their latest curly products! They have rebranded their products and launched a new curl and straight line which is creating quite a buzz! They showed their latest line here in Atlanta and it was a lot of fun and glad I attended. So yesterday I read through a lot of the instructions and used them on my hair.

I hardly ever wear my own natural hair because let’s face it, with my busy schedule its just hard for me to maintain it, plus I don’t always have my daughter handy to style my hair, she has her own life and is often booked at her salon. So I was left doing it myself yesterday and it turned out pretty good. I headed to another hair event and wore my hair like this. Everyone was in shock when I arrived because they are so used to me wearing my hair in weaves or straight lol.

This morning though, I am already over it and it will be back straight and blow dried lol. More pics inside and where to find all the products used, have a blessed day everyone.

My natural curly hair, geesh it’s a lot of it lol!

Smooth N Shine new curly line products

Conditioning Gel 

Styling Custard 

Straightening Polisher 

Curl Defining Mousse 

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