Glamour Dogs

Why am I blogging about pooches again? I guess I do have a heart for animals and especially dogs lol. A lot of my neighbors have the cutest pets and they always like me, so I guess I can’t get around that lol. Here are some cute dogs that I saw online at a photoshoot with Catherine Ledner. Her book Glamour Dogs came out last September but I’m just learning of this.Thought the pics were too cute, so wanted to share. See any doggies you like?

Marty is my fav,gorg! Poofiness!

What’s up Buddy?

Django looks like he will tear the garbage up when you leave lol

Petunia loving your swag lol.

Mia looks up to something lol

Is Griffin having a bad day? lol

This is Pikachu cute!

Bruno… well only a mama could love it!

Kori it’s going to be ok, where is my brush? lol

This is Brownie,how pinktastic!

Stella is posed isn’t she? Get it!

Pascal is playful and pretty.

Rocco looks very mischievous lol

Lucie is a happy doggy!

Ella looks snooty as hell lol

Orbit runs things, you can see it!

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