Goony Goo-Goo and Gaga Too!

I got an email in my inbox from a warm spirited person by the name of Kia Morgan Smith. She is a stay at home mom and mother of five, wow!  Kia talked in her email on how it was hard for her to find a job but that she made that negative experience into something positive. While she was at home she became proactive and wrote a book. Now she is living her dream! She said she has a great story of how she got her book published too! Kia girl, I am thinking of writing a book too about this entertainment business, I might be giving you a call lol.

Please support this mom by checking out her book Goony Go0-Goo and Gaga Too! I got the book in the mail and it’s too cute!  It’s a whimsical tale of two sisters Selena and Celeste who are less than enthusiastic about their new baby brother.Those two are a hot mess and they remind me of my daughter when I brought my son home from the hospital lol. Kudos to you Kia and keep doing your thing! The book is also illustrated beautifully by Brandon Fall. Happy Wednesday!

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