Great News: Talking With Tami Is A ‘Vogue’ Blogger Influencer!


Yes you guys read that correctly! I will be a Vogue Blogger Influencer and I’m still over here pinching myself, can you believe this? I wish I would have taken a picture of my vision board from the beginning of the year to show you guys that one of the things that I had listed was that I wanted to work with Vogue magazine in some way. Well that came true the other day! 


First thing that happen to me was that I attended a private party with Burberry a few weeks back. From that party I met a fashionable young lady by the name of Cara. I had no clue she was the Associate Director of special events from Vogue. Cara loved my style and complimented me on my outfit. I told her I was a blogger and the rest is history! We exchange information and she followed up with an email and told me about their Vogue Blogger Network. I filled out the questionnaire and sent it back immediately. Yesterday I got a package with a note saying that I was in! I’m so happy right now and boy do dreams come true! You may be wondering what does a Vogue Blogger Influencer entail so here is what I know for sure.

The Vogue Blogger Network is by invite only and it represents fashion’s sought-after personalities-which now includes me! I will be invited to social soirees, product reviews from designers and given exclusive updates on all things fashion. I have googled and read some blog posts where people weren’t really a fan of the program but I will have to try it out for myself before I can form an opinion. I want to give it a try and if I don’t like it( I don’t see why I wouldn’t lol) I’m a big girl and know how to sashay away. I can’t wait to share more information with you guys but for now, I am waiting patiently to see what’s next! xoxo

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