Hair Tutorial: End Of Summer Beachy Waves


You know these darn kids have me laughing so hard and they truly keep me young at heart! I guess my daughter Dootie was going to teach me a lesson the other day because she refused to do my hair and said I needed to learn! I said, “what did I sit in labor for 17 hrs for, if you can’t help your own mother out when I am in need?” I gave her the guilt-trip but she was not buying it smh! 

See, Dootie is getting the big head now because she’s officially in beauty school via her high school and taking Cosmetology courses, so she doesn’t have time for me or my hair! See how these kids do yah? I’m headed to a beach resort in Florida this weekend, so I wanted to try some different looks. That is when I asked her nicely if she could do my hair. Her response was, “you need to learn how to do your own hair mother, just in case I’m not around!” Oh really? She left out the door with her boyfriend and I was left standing there looking dumb-founded! Ok, I said to myself, I think I can tackle this mane, let me see if I can browse the internet for a few You Tube hair tutorials. ‘ when I came across blogger buddy Amber Fillerup(Barefoot Blonde)!

She had a new cute video on how to achieve beachy looking hair that I found interesting! I had most of the products that she was using too. I also installed the clip-ins myself too. Yay! So Dootie…eat your heart out because Mama don’t need you no more, ha! All I did was add my clip-ins, spray each section, curl, let sit for a few minutes, and this is the result for beachy hair. I do like my curls a bit tighter because ‘ humid here in Atlanta and the curls drop as soon as you go outdoors. It’s almost the end of summer and it makes me so sad guys. I don’t think I did a horrible job, I like it and for me to do everything myself, not too bad! Till next time! xoxo

photo 3

Tools needed:

Clip-Ins(Irresistible Me) or you can style your own hair or curl your existing extensions

Vidal Sassoon Curling Iron 1 1/2 inch

Paddle Brush


Hair Spray, I LOVE Big Sexy!

photo 2

Left side straight, right side curled

photo 1

Loose beachy waves, curl mid-way down

photo 4

All done and ready to party!

Amber’s Beachy Hair Tutorial

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