Happy 3rd Birthday E.J.

E.J. Hartwell blowing out the candle

Today was such a fun day! Not only was it mother’s day but it was also E.J.’s 3rd birthday. Well Mr. E.J. celebrated his birthday by having all his family and close friends over to his house. Lisa hired Little Red Barn to bring her petting zoo out and the kids loved it. I am not an animal lover but I warmed up to the many of them lol. E.J. loved brushing the goats, sheep,horses and petting the pig and rooster. He even got to ride on the horsey and he just smiled away.

Look at this pig’s face, she has no worries lol

Oh Lawd, what is this?

The Reeds

Gitty up E.J.

After seeing all the animals, I noticed that Terry the Rooster kept escaping. He yelled and walked around the party like he owned the place lol. I think he smelled all that catered food, plus the music by DJ Kix must have made him wanna dance lol.

Terry the Rooster

We played cards, lined danced,played in jumpy balloon and partied all afternoon. It was one cute lil girl there that danced from the time she got there till the time she left. She shut the party down! E.J. had a great time and we also celebrated Mother’s Day. Dj Kix asked all the moms to come up and dance with their daughters then their sons. Lisa and I started crying. He played Boyz to Men,”Mamma” and I lost it.

Dj Kix of Run Yo Mouth radio

Ed kept winning all the games

Getting their boogy on!

Kids having a ball

Follow the leader

The party girl

Mothers moment

Mother and Son

Melanie Mitchell & April Love

My family had a great time spending the day with E.J., The Hartwells and all the moms. Thanks so much for inviting us, we had a great time! Shout out to Melissa of Lemiga Events too for making the cutest Mom’s Day goody bags for us! Enjoy the pics and hope you had a great Mother’s Day!

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